About Us

Paulla Adamitz, BA, B.Ed, PFA™

Financial Advisor

There is power in knowing the right financial mentor with whom to join forces. Someone who has the necessary tools to provide a multi-faceted, holistic approach, to balance competing needs and goals, and to adjust to your business or family cycle over the years. I work with top-ranking insurance companies, and offer a wide range of insurance plans and services to ensure that my clients receive the best coverage at the lowest rates. My goal is to see you accomplish your goals, and to ensure you have the power to make the best choices for you, your business, or your family. If you have never taken a step towards solidifying your financial future, together we can start now, to put choices and power into your hands.

I focus my financial expertise on business owners and families. I am passionate about protecting the health and growing the business or family assets that YOU have spent years of diligent effort, sacrifice and endurance to build. Our clients feel solid, secure and supported.

One size does not fit all, which is why I work closely with my clients to tailor a customized plan to fit their needs. Whether we are safeguarding and growing your hard-earned assets, fostering the health of you or your employees, funding your Buy-Sell Agreements and insuring your Corporate needs, or protecting your family and your legacy, securing you, your health, and your business is what we do.

It’s never too late to construct your financially empowering future. Money is power, let us help you build both. Asset building, wealth protection, guaranteed retirement income, High Net Worth and Private Wealth Management are all paths to prosperity that we can help you navigate. We are an essential part of your team.

"We empower your future, we protect you, your family and your business, and we solidify your prosperity."